May 11, 2005

Foes of the World

Ben Thomas writes…

Government departments have spent thousands since the early 1990s educating staff on proper terms of address for minorities. No longer was it acceptable to use traditional forms such as dwarves (“little people”), the disabled (“differently abled”) or even so obvious a fact as blindness (“vision impaired”).
This project has been derided by some as “political correctness” and defended by others as civility or politeness. Yet a new guide to youth language from the Ministry of Youth Development encourages us to refer to redheaded individuals as “gingas” or “moranges”. About bloody time, if you ask me. I hate those freaks.

A curious aesthetic fact is that, at the highest levels of their expression, it is impossible to tell the difference between beauty and virtue. Similarly, in their basest forms ginga-vitis and albinism become indistinguishable. Their washed out orangey-pink hues suggest equally gingas raised in an underground cave, or albinos left in the sun too long.

Still, I needn’t go on about my dislike of humanity’s carotein-enriched foes, or the despised sub-race of ging-binos. We now have an entire Ministry for that, apparently.
Although, ironically, before it took to codifying flame-haired unfortunates, the Ministry of Youth Development’s theme for Youth Awareness Week was ‘breaking down negative stereotypes’.


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