April 06, 2005

No More Gaps

MediaCow writes:

Trawling around New Zealand blogs, we came upon this entry by Jordan Carter on his website 'Just Left':

I won't be commenting on the John Tamihere situation. Just in case you were wondering.
Like the Pope, Jordan Carter has delivered a cruel and distressing end to a period of intense concern and turmoil, during which we couldn't sleep through wondering What Would JC Say? At this difficult time, we wish to make clear seven ennumerated points:

1. We are bitterly disappointed that Jordan has chosen not to share with the world his views about John Tamihere. Because there's nothing more incisive than the analysis of a party hack.

2. We won't be blogging about it either. Just in case you were wondering.

3. Therefore we will not be referring to the rumour put about by some that says that Tamihere posed for 15 photographs after he took part in an interview that he wasn't sure was on the record. (We also won't acknowledge that we are confused by this story because the photographs in Investigate are credited to Fotopress.)

4. We will not be mentioning our visceral dislike of Investigate magazine which is revivalist crap apart from its book reviews.

5. We will not be saying "JT has been telling us these exact things off the record for years". Too many other people are doing that; it lacks originality.

6. We will not be passing judgment on the triumphant glee with which many in the right greet the downfall of someone who really is their ideological friend. And we'll refrain from pointing out that no party in parliament is likely to gain any votes from this debacle (other than, perhaps, the Maori Party).

7. But wasn't Muriel Newman hilarious on Eating Media Lunch?

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