March 31, 2005

How can we parody this?

Mr Neil Falloon simply retypes something a reader emailed us...

At Kiwiblog, David P Farrar
has published his 10 "lessons of life". Lesson number eight is:

Be careful of how you label names in your cellphone: Twice I have rung what I thought was a friend inviting her out, and only after I finished the invite had I realized I had phoned my ex girlfriend of the same first name who now thought I wanted to get back together with her

Let's see if we have got this straight.

David P Farrar (see image) has so many female friends and exes that many of them share the same small pool of names.

Owing to the popularity of certain names, on at least two occasions he goes to call a friend and accidentally calls an ex.

Somehow he doesn't recognize the ex's voice.

Even during the requisite chitchat (asking after her health, etc) he still doesn't recognize her voice.

He asks her out. She presumably accepts.

Then the penny drops!

So he has to cancel.

Is she worried?

No, of course not. She wants to get back together with the man who
works 130-hour weeks and has five hours free for his girlfriend.

Now we understand.

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