February 04, 2005

Blogging, NCEA-style

With ispiration from real-life events, Mr Neil Falloon writes...

A note about cheating… Cheating undermines the integrity of these examinations. We already had to ask Rodney
to sit outside after he was caught copying Peter’s policies. We hope that there will be no such incidents in this examination.

When you are ready, turn over your papers….

(For this question, refer to drawing of an anonymous white man wearing glasses). Imagine you are a 21st century National leader who fires his only female front-bench MP. Write an essay explaining the challenges facing a political party (the “natural party of government”) that still doesn't have any members who can talk to girls.

BONUS: Argue for or against the statement: “Silly tarts shouldn’t wear purple lipstick on big news days”.


Imagine you are the editorial executive who told employees that the Herald on Sunday would be just like Britain’s Independent. Explain what you meant. (Starting sentence: “Both newspapers do use black text on white pages… and they are both in English…”)

BONUS: Argue for or against the statement: “Based on his weekly columns alone, Michael Barrymore should be cast out of New Zealand”. OR Discuss the question “Michael Barrymore’s weekly column is better than Kerre Woodham’s”. Hint – your answer should make mention of the principles involved in arguing from false premises.


Imagine you are the police officer who chose not to arrest Tame Iti for brandishing a shotgun. Your logic was that arresting him would draw public attention to Mr Iti and turn him into a martyr for people sympathetic to his cause. Now the ACT Party has drawn attention to Mr Iti and turned him into a martyr for people sympathetic to his cause. Use colourful language to describe your opinion of the ACT Party.


Imagine you attended the NZNOG Conference, made famous by a
reference on David P Farrar’s weblog. Write a creative story about what happened there. (Starting sentence: "Hello Nog," a conference-goer shouted to David P Farrar. "Do you plan to stand for parliament?" )


(For this question, refer to obviously fake, computer-generated image of an imaginary politician.) Imagine you are the leader of a moderate centre-left party intent on retaining power at all costs. The leader of her majesty’s opposition makes a series of keynote speeches promising conservative-style reform of areas such as race relations and welfare reform. Summarise, in your own words, the key points of these speeches. Then explain how it is established Labour policy, and has been in development “for some time”.


Imagine you are a popular left-leaning political commentator, with a sweeping expertise in foreign affairs, information technology, welfare policy and popular culture. Write a detailed manifesto unpicking the previously insoluble problems of the Middle East, income disparity, and balancing environmental concerns with economic growth. (Hint: Your answer should be no more than 800 words)

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