December 10, 2004

An Open Invitation for a Bottling...

Olivia Kember writes an Open Letter to Scribe (and then gives up halfway)...

Dear Scribe

How could you? I mean, really, how could you?

Don't you know that you're a role model, that you're among the Most Powerful People (Listener Power List, offline) in all of New Zealand? The twenty-third most powerful, I think. Perhaps twenty-sixth. Anyway, you're more powerful than almost four million other New Zealanders. Your every move reverberates. I'm reverberating just thinking of you.

As if, with your phrase that launched a thousand shit jokes, you hadn't already done enough damage.

...Oh blah blah.

When Bone Thugs n Harmony dropped by New Zealand to visit Ronald LaPread (ex-Commodore, now Remueran) they asked how we cope without guns. My sister explained that we bottle each other instead.

Scribe and/or his entourage are merely ushering in the next phase of hip hop. The one where everyone gets really aggressive and full of themselves and start bashing each other up. Surely it was inevitable. And, considering how far behind the American scene we are in that respect, it's about time.

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