December 03, 2004

If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood

So Susan Wood is the new Paul Holmes, and Mark Sainsbury is the new Susan Wood while still being the old Mark Sainsbury?


We didn't predict it, but nor did other esteemed media commentators. In fact, the only person who foresaw Great Things for Susan Wood was The Truth astrologer Don Murray whose personal website states that in 2004, "positive Pluto-Venus sextile moves [Susan Wood's] career nicely ahead."

Bill Ralston's decision was not particularly adventurous, but Susan Wood will do a jolly good job.

We're happy for her. As DogBitingMen said earlier, she's cheerful, luvverly, friendly and nice. She's the sort of telly person you'd want to work for if you worked in telly, isn't she? She'd say thank you to the person who powders her nose. (Not a drug reference - editor).

In this age when every noddy releases a CD, writes their autobiography - has a blog - and shares their home, family, dogs and hernias with underwhelmed viewers, Susan's old fashioned niceness seems admirable.

And maybe that's what we're looking for, today. MediaCow's favourite TV presenters, Peter Williams and Simon Dallow, are the sorts of gents that would put the toilet seat back down. We've moved on from the days when we expected our telly heroes to throw histrionic nelly fits behind the scenes and stuff their Larger Than Life personalities into our lounges.

Here's to nice people winning.

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