December 08, 2004

House Keeping

Goldenhorse visited Ahmed Zaoui and posed for a photo shoot, but it certainly "wasn't a publicity stunt". This rates up there with "I almost forgot the moon". A fellow much cleverer than us usually sends us nice emails but once sent us this diatribe: "Yeah, sure ya did. It’s a gigantic rock orbiting the earth. It affects everything, from the tides to women's periods... How smart is this supposed ‘academic’ that you throw him in a small box for two years and he forgets about the moon? What else might he have forgotten over that time? Hmm?"

We're just quoting our letter-writer. That's all.

We are delighted to announce the results of our Pansy Wine-Naming Competition. You will recall that Auckland wine-makers created a new wine called Pansy "to thank their gay friends in the hospitality industry". We found this a tad patronising and asked for your inspired suggestions to help the wine-makers "thank" other groups in a similar manner.

The best correspondence was from Wellington communications guru Susan Ryan, who suggested: "As a way of thanking women who drink more wine when they're stressed with PMT, how about a bloody little number called "Period Red"? The bottle will have a second convenient use when empty as an effective smiting object for anything that pisses these women off. They could also work on a "Don't fuck with me" Sauvingnon Blanc for the summer bloats.".

We like it. Ms Ryan, we're sending you a little bottle of something to say thank you.

Mr Neil Falloon believes this site needs some 'mainstream credibility'. The rest of us think it's too late for that. But to humour Mr Falloon and his brilliant similes, here's some writing that people did recently for The Listener.

Click the links and boost our self esteem:

Interview with Emily Barclay by Olivia Kember
Why we should celebrate the commercialisation of Christmas by David W Young
A defence of nepotism by David W Young

Finally, here's a link to someone new. The authors of IHATENZ have plenty of time on their hands, access to PhotoShop and poor photo-editing skills. They tried demanding that we link to them. We ignored them until they took a compromising photograph of Russell Brown snogging Lyndon Hood. In the background you can see Mr Neil Falloon waving.

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