December 21, 2004

Do they know it's Christmas time?

MediaCow writes...

We are going on holiday and shall be back in early- or mid-January, depending on our collective sobriety. This is where we will be:

Olivia Kember, our very own Beautiful Militant, is tracking down the foot/mouth painters of her undesired Christmas cards for a bottling.

Ben Thomas, the Man with the Mark of the Beast, was last seen passed out somewhere within Chantelle's bosom at Cafe 223. He continues to search for a Feature Story to match to his beloved Single Paragraph.

Mister Neil Falloon, the slutty sex kitten with a loud mouth, is still waiting for Christmas cards from Stephen Franks and Matt Nippert, but received a lovely signed photograph from Mary Lambie.

David W Young, who loves it when you say Abyssinia, is too earnest to take a holiday. He shall spend his down-time thinking about interior decorating.

And MediaCow, proud to be the only media commentator in New Zealand who worked out that Coran Lill is a male, is going to relax in a quiet paddock, happy that the Paul Holmes Replacement has been found, and hopeful that 2005 will bring a profile and startlingly large photograph in the Listener.

Have a lovely summer.

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