November 14, 2004

Welcome to a New Contributor

David W Young writes...

The DogBitingMen team is very proud to welcome our newest contributor, Miss Olivia Kember.

Olivia is talented, witty and intelligent. She wears many (perfectly coordinated) hats, including the 'Producer of a Radio 95bFM' big red hat. (Yes, we too were amazed there was anybody left at bFM who didn't have a weblog yet.) Incidentally, the bFM she works for is not this one.) Olivia is trained as a journalist. As well as her radio gig, she works in telly and in print. She is a great flute player.

Her addition does create the inevitable question: DogBitingMen or DogBitingPersons? We'll sort that out in due course, perhaps when we get a Queer Eye-style makeover in the next few weeks. (Our site is going to be as stylish as our newest contributor). In the meantime, if MediaCow can be called a man, so can Olivia.


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