November 26, 2004

We Were Bored

Slightly Edited Conversations between David W Young and Ben Thomas:

DAVID: I’m getting bored of Matt Nippert pretending to be “Lyndon Hood” at Fighting Talk.
BEN: I know. The worst thing about Nippert ghost-writing Hood's pieces is that he doesn't even save his best material. it's like this creatively barren dumping ground for his diary entries.
DAVID: We could pick a fight with him. But fights are so Two Weeks Ago. Besides, I think Nippert gets aroused when you say nasty things about him.
BEN: We could make him fight someone else. Someone equivalent.
DAVID: The internet version of two weedy guys slapping each other's forearms in the playground after their glasses have fallen off?
BEN: Exactly. Then we can get others to pile in and create a stupid-blogger-bitchfight. It can be like Sweeps Week.
DAVID: But who do we choose to fight “Lyndon Hood”?
BEN: Leave it to me. I’ll find the perfect match.

Friday, November 19: Aaron Bhatnagar’s weblog:

Lyndon Hood - self-appointed tit, Lower Hutt
Found in the blogosphere today is a post by sporadic blogger Lyndon Hood, from the blog Fighting Talk.
Lyndon, who I have never met, takes it upon himself to post a ficticious conversation between ACT Leader Rodney Hide and himself. After reading the post, I find it completely believable that Lyndon does have voices in his head conducting interviews… Lyndon Hood describes himself tongue in cheek (I hope) as a self-appointed dramaturg. Self appointed tit is closer to the mark I'm afraid.

DAVID: You are a genius.
BEN: Thank you, thank you.
DAVID: Do you think Matt Nippert will respond as "Lyndon Hood"?
BEN: Rile him up. Make sure it happens. He hates local body politicians ever since the anti-vagrancy by-laws in Wellington. I think they were called the ‘Nippert Regulations’. Play on that.
DAVID: Very clever. I will. By the way, we should really use our powers for good, one day. Not today.

Wednesday, November 24: “Lyndon Hood’s” weblog:

Now, Aaron

… I wouldn't normally be offended (and I certainly wouldn't be surprised) by a right-wing ideologue sneering at somebody who disagrees with him. Especially when said ideologue's name is written in such big letters at the top of their blog… Why are you so angry Aaron? Is Rodney Hide your momma, that you rage so when I diss him?
… Aaron, you called me names… Anyway, Aaron (if that's your real name), you wrote a post to sneer at me and you'll no doubt describe me as whinging now. So we're even now, right?...

BEN: Damn, that was lame. "You called me names"?
DAVID: Bugger. Do you think Bhatnagar will even respond?
BEN: It'll be tough, but I will rile him up.

Thursday, November 25, 2004: Aaron Bhatnagar’s weblog:

Lyndon Hood - part two
Lyndon Hood, who I described as a self appointed tit in a previous blog posting has taken umbrage with my comments and launched into a spectacular Fallujah like offensive in his most recent blog posting. Except he's on the insurgent side. And like any fanatic, he appears to desire his own being slaughtered (if even metaphorically) by choosing to respond to my criticism…
Still, his response shows that he has some spine. I like that. It looks very nice on my home office wall.

DAVID: This is getting boring.
BEN: Time to bring in a few more players?
DAVID: How about Simon Pound? He's the guy who washes Simon Dallow’s coffee mug at the end of Agenda – and did you know Pound's been made co-host of that new Charter queer television show starting in 2005? Apparently he once might have had a near-gay experience.
BEN: People with weak chins always get lucky.

Thursday November 25: Simon Pound’s weblog:

And coming down from the roof like Sting...
Aaron Bhatnager and Lyndon Hood are having a ruckus. But what piss poor job they're doing of it.
There are no verbal fireworks, no cutting or incisive insults, no gore, no money shot. Just pomposity from the only man capable of being voted out in the one ward in the country where having a rich dad is an advantage, and, on the other side, drivel from Lower Hutt….
I wouldn't have thought, Aaron Bathhater, Auckland Political Activist that you would be so active these days, what with the being voted out and all. Sorry I wont mention it again. (Loser)
And Lyndon, stick to web design, Aaron Barklater had a point: it wasn't funny…..

DAVID: That was fairly good.
BEN: Yeah, but he has the cruel wisdom of Simon Dallow to draw from. Dallow is an evil genius.
DAVID: I aspire to being like him one day. How about we bring it all home now? We've might not have gotten Free World Blog Leader Russell Brown involved. But we could go for quantity instead

BEN: What made the world wars truly global was the participation of all the minor players, like Abyssinia and Indonesia – the real backwater nations that just wanted to be part of it. So we need to get them involved by prodding and poking them.
DAVID: I love it when you say Abyssinia.

BEN: Let's do it.

Over Thursday and Friday...

: "I thought the Matt Nippert/David Cohen/Neil Falloon war was far more funny. Is Lyndon Hood really Matt Nippert? I never got that impression."

: "having read both sides of aaron/nippert they seem to make a pair of really old droopy grandma's breasts really."

PHILOSOPHICALLY MADE: "I was warned before joining Philosophically Made that it was about policies, not people. Just this once, I feel like publicising my affinity for disobedience. I used to think Aaron Bhatnagar was pretty cool… That was way before I joined the blogosphere or discovered Mr Bhatnagar's political convictions… Now, I see Mr Bhatnagar for what he is: an 'active member' of the C&R ticket in local body politics in Auckland. Riiiight.

JORDAN CARTER: "I am taken a bit aback by it. No other comment to make really."

"I tend to keep my fingers out of blog-wars, because I'm not into social commentary, but rather into looking at the validity of arguments. As such, I don't try to push social positions very hard, although I do state mine.”

“They are having a little bitch fight. It does not seem to be too serious. They are both adults, they can sort it out themselves. Sorry, but you won't see a posting on something as unimportant as that from me."

ABOUT TOWN: It seem Aaron "With targets this big I don't even need to aim" Bhatnagar has been at it again. This time getting into a scrap with the long haired Lyndon Hood .
I'm glad someone who couldn't get elected to a community board has taken up something more sporting. I guess he is angry because unlike the US we don't elect our Dog Catchers and he might have had a really good shot at that.
I was told of Aaron long before I saw his blog. I was told he was Rabid... I crusied past his blog and he seemed normally anough. Talked about his new MAC and life with out his front door. Then he went off about the peace foundation and I could see the slim veneer of sanity slip…
Aaron you scare me and I wish you had been answering that door when that little old lady had come calling.

BEN: He’s referring to the car crashing into Bhatnagar’s house, isn’t he?
DAVID: God. I didn’t realise we would provoke death-threats.
BEN: Mind you, it’s a fairly poor death threat.
DAVID: It’s still a death threat
BEN: I think our work here is done.

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