November 17, 2004

Thank You, India

David W Young writes...

An AAP piece from this morning’s New Zealand Herald:

Homosexuals embrace Pansy Rose

SYDNEY - Australia's gay community has been quick to embrace the newest pansy in town - a fruity little New Zealand number produced by Auckland winemakers Kim and Erica Crawford.

Pansy Rose has been aimed at the lucrative gay market, which polishes off around $4.5 million worth of wine each month, according to the wine's creators.

The Crawfords originally produced the wine to thank their gay friends in the hospitality industry.

Now, I’ve owned a CD by Madonna and another by Cher, and I’ve even wanted an anatomically correct Billy Doll.
But pink wine called Pansy Rose that I’m supposed to buy because I sleep with men? I’m sorry, but that’s going about thirty mincing steps too far.

I know, I know: it’s supposed to be tongue in cheek. It’s a tribute to their numerous gay friends (who all conveniently work in a stereotypically gay industry). But it’s just not working for me. It's really, really not working for me.

Let me just run a scenario past you.

What if, having “thanked” their pansy friends, Kim and Erica wanted to thank all their Asian mates... Would they launch a wine called, “Squinty Eyed Chardonnay”? And would the newspaper article begin, “Australia’s Asian community has welcomed the newest chink in town – a yellowish number produced by…”?

DogBitingMen introduces a Competition:

How do you think Kim and Erica express their undying gratitude to all their Maori and Pacific Island friends? The handicapped? Lesbians? Any other minority group?

Go on, come up with a wine name yourself, and we’ll suggest it to Kim and Erica.

Send us your light-hearted, “tongue-in-cheeksuggestions by email. We'll publish the best.

(If you'd like your entry to be anonymous, please say so).

(A note: We would ask gay men to participate in this competition, but we're aware that hairdressers, hospo staff and florists probably won't have easy access to computers. And lesbians will be too busy playing cricket. So it's up to you heterosexuals. Make your children's children proud).

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