November 15, 2004

My Two Hats

Miss Olivia Kember writes...

Thank you, David. Unaccustomed as I am to being the recipient of such enthusiastic puffery (see Welcome to a New Contributor, below), I think it's necessary to make the following corrections:

1) I wear two hats. One is a black and yellow cap embroidered with"AMI Insurance Autobody Repair competition 2004". That is not because I entered an autobody repair competition, but because someone less well-versed in PR than Mediacow thought it would entice me to an apprentices expo last month.

The other hat is made of towelling and has red, orange and brown flowers on it, and I wear it with a bit of the brim down and a bit of the brim up. Like a gangster. [Editor: I thought we weren't going to write about Matt Nippert anymore?]

2) I'm not producing a bfm show anymore. I do book reviews for them every fortnight, and I am currently plodding through "Planet Simpson", a Springfield nerd's bible. It's full of nerd facts like, "Burns's use of 'Ahoy-hoy' when he has to use the phone while Smithers is away is derived from Alexander Graham Bell's suggested telephonic greeting". I like nerd facts. I am, after all, a nerd.

3) I sort of trained as a journalist for one year at AUT but I failed photography and only got the shorthand certificate by cheating. Thanks to the Listener for giving me a job before the results came through.

4) I did learn the flute for about twelve years. I even teach it. Whether I can still play the thing is an entirely different matter which I'm not willing to investigate.

All the rest is true.


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