October 28, 2004

That's a Multinational Idea

David W Young writes...

While MediaCow and Neil Falloon have been struggling between them to turn New Zealand bloggers, the media and anybody else who can read against Dog Biting Men (personally I think they are weak for not listing the blogs they hate or publishing an actual photograph of Matt Nippert), I've been busy writing.

I don't just write earnest polemics on gay marriage. I also write earnest polemics about business. Wouldn't you love to have me at your next party?

That was a rhetorical question. And the business columns I write (for the Listener) are in fact more light-hearted, lightly-opinionated pieces than earnest polemics. Hopefully that will encourage some of you to click the link below.

My latest fortnightly column is titled Hating with impunity and asks whether multinational corporations are really the super-villains of our age. Please do read the column and keep me fed and watered.

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